5 Tips on How to Wear Vintage


Hey, girls.do you have trouble wearing vintage clothes? It’s not always easy to find the right combination when trying vintage. So here are my few tips:

1, Vintage and Modern Mixer

Especially when you start, you can add one or the other vintage item in a vintage store that you mix with your modern clothes. For starters, this is a good way to take ownership of Vintage. Here, for example, the entire outfit is made up of recent pieces with vintage elements such as the earrings, the heels and this magnificent so 50’s vintage dress. By adopting for vintage while focusing on modern pieces, you will bring character to your Style!

In practice ? Pair a vintage top, like a pretty shirt, with contemporary skinny jeans. You can also opt for a vintage midi skirt with a small white t-shirt with a modern yet again message.

GDQC034 Vintage Lookbook Vintage Dresses 1950s Women‘s Fashion’ | Gardenwed

GDQC034 Vintage Dresses Vintage Lookbook 1950s Women's Fashion | Gardenwed

Shop this vintage dress:

GDQC034 Vintage Dresses Simple Party Dress Daily Causal Cocktail Dress Grey Dress | Gardenwed

Elegant Bridesmaid Dress Simple Knee-length Square Neckline Cheap Cocktail Dresses

2, Avoid damaged vintage pieces

Vintage doesn’t mean skimping on quality, quite the contrary. And knowing that your mottled piece has stood the test of time without a hitch will make you want to pamper it more. It is these pieces that have passed through the decades with flying colors that really have value. If there is a need for a little refreshment; resumption of a button, sewing, dry cleaning, do not deprive yourself.

3, Choose the right size

It is better to try to be sure to find the room at its size. We know, who says Vintage often says unique piece so not necessarily its size. It is not because we have a crush that we must crack if the coveted coat is a 4 while we make a 2. And this even if we say that loose is in fashion, do not crack if the part does not suit you. And don't necessarily rely on the label because, like today, from one brand to another or from one era to another, the size varies. So we try on the vintage pieces to be sure to wear them! It would be a shame to find nuggets that we will leave in the closet.

4, Shop online 100% Vintage 

Why not get started by browsing a vintage online store. And we, Gardenwed, we are a professional online store to sell vintage dresses. We have various of styles, color, size of vintage dresses. You can click our vintage dresses to pick up the dress you like most.

5, Choose right vintage accessories

Personally, I have more accessories than vintage clothes. Simply because I find my happiness more easily. That’s why I have a lot of vintage bags and they always make a difference. I really advise you to bet on pretty vintage hat, jewelry or even scarves. They will add a touch of style to your outfit without being in a “too” vintage look. This is ideal for someone just starting out or who wants to go sparingly.

GDQC033 Vneck Green Classic 50s Inspired Vintage Dresses | Gardenwed

Shop this dress:

GDQC033 Solid Color Vintage Dress Sweetheart Swing Dress Green Dress | Gardenwed

Swing Dresses Rockabilly 1950s V-neck A-line Women's Classic Vintage Dress

Neo Vintage

The principle of Neo Vintage is to draw inspiration from Vintage to create something new. So it's not very green and not really cool for those who hunt for us. But, it must be admitted, it makes it easier to find pieces that fit your size while retaining a retro style. Personally, I am a big fan and I have a lot of pieces in my closet that look retro without being. Don't blame me, if you go through there. I promise I'm going to be more bargain hunting than going to the facility. But temptation is everywhere in fast fashion.

And you, follower of Vintage?

Now I hope these tips will help you adopt a vintage look without any hassle.


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